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15 - 19 September 2013

Public panel speaker information

Thank you for having accepted to participate as a speaker on one of the public panel sessions of The 38th Annual Conference of the International Organization of Securities Commissions in Luxembourg. Please find here-after some useful information regarding the preparation of your panel discussion and your participation at the event.

Speaker registration- amend your details until 16 August 2013

Once your registration details have been submitted, you will receive a confirmation with your personal access code from our registration office “Parthen”. We kindly ask you to access your registration account and to check and complete your details, such as:

  • Electronic photograph for your badge (mandatory)
  • Dietary requirements
  • Language
  • Visa assistance information
  • (Members only): Restaurant choice for Tuesday evening event
  • (Members only): IOSCO Member Meetings attendance
  • Transport
  • Partner registration

Should you not receive the access code, please contact us.

Travel & Hotel accommodation – ASAP if not done so yet

Speakers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Note: Hotels on the accommodation page are listed in order of distance from the venue. Given that this is a big event and Luxembourg is a small country, we recommend that you book as early as possible.

  • Click here for the IOSCO 2013 hotel booking page. [Access code for IOSCO members: IOSCO-M  - Access code for public session speakers: IOSCO-P]
  • Pre-& Post-Conference tours, click here.
  • Travel information, click here.

Panel coordination – ASAP

Moderators are kindly requested to contact their panelists with the object of organizing a meeting/conference call in order to coordinate the panel discussion. Please follow this link for the printable moderators’ information. If you do not hear from your moderator, we strongly recommend you get in touch directly for best coordination.

Speaker contact details

For the latest speakers’ contact list, please click here. Kindly keep this list confidential.

Speakers’ biographies & photos have been integrated in our conference documentation brochure which will be distributed at registration. Click here for the electronic version.

Modifications: Most printed materials have now gone to print, but on our website and onsite, changes can be made until the very last minute. If the case, please contact the Event Coordination Team at or come to the technician desk at the conference center.


Technical facilities

The technical set-up in the conference room will provide a big screen with the possibility of using one “window” for showing live video of the conference (full view of panel, close-up view of speakers, audience etc.) and one “window” for showing anything else (slides, external video, voting questions, etc.). When speakers are introduced, their names, company and job title will be shown on screen as in television. Music or voting questions can be a nice way of introduction and/or breaking the ice.


Try to create interactivity with  the audience. Experience has shown that a high degree of interactivity contributes to the success of an event.  We encourage you to use the technical facilities that we will be offering and to send us any presentations, videos, voting questions, music etc. early enough so that they can be tested and/or to arrange for a rehearsal.

For the panels, we suggest conducting a “free” discussion, without slides. Stand-alone speakers may use a power point presentation or other support to frame their presentation. If panels intend to use slides (e.g. as a brief introduction) we suggest one common presentation that is kept short, which allows for a more flexible and lively discussion. Prepare some questions to “fill” the time for Q&A and try to animate the audience to actively participate in the discussion.


Please keep the timing! Conference attendees appreciate professionally led and focused discussions that do not overrun.

  • Stand-alone speeches should set the scenes and be kept short (not more than 5-10 minutes including Q&A).
  • Panel discussions should not exceed 90 minutes (including animations, voting, Q&A, etc.). Timing should be coordinated by the moderator in a way that all panelists can share their views and that a lively discussion is led.

Master of ceremony

The Luxembourgish TV moderator and singer Thorunn Egilsdottir has been hired as the master of ceremony. She will have done opening speeches and some singing on the evenings preceding the public panels, so that private part attendees will already know her which gives a nice thread to her role.

She will start off the public conference with a short charming welcome speech and is generally in charge of house-keeping messages and smooth switch-overs between sessions. She will introduce the stand-alone speakers of the opening ceremony as well as the panel moderators of the four panel sessions, who should then introduce their panellists.

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